Fulfill my needs

I am sure that a lot of gents will understand where I am coming from. My wife was never really able to satisfy my sexual needs so I ended up dating London escorts just for some sexy companionship. To be honest, I am pretty sure that I should not have married my wife in the first place as sexually we are very different. I almost got married as an obligation to my parents, and after about ten years, and two kids, my marriage fell apart. I started to date London escorts around that time, but they were not really the kind of companionship I was looking for.

One of the girls that I dated at London escort, suggested that I join a swingers club. That I did and found some satisfaction, it was nice to be with some people who were just as much into sex as I was, and I have to say that I enjoyed. But, after a while, even the local Swingers club was not enough, and I went back to London escorts. Going in between the two helped my needs a lot, but I soon appreciated that I needed some serious help. My entire life revolved around sex.

One day, a girl at London escort asked me how often I see my kids. I soon realized that I do not see my kids at all, and my sexual needs had taken over my life. She realized that I needed some serious help, and gave me the phone number to a sex therapist. It turns out that quite a few London escorts bump into guys like me, and they know a little bit what to do. However, my case was so extreme that I needed professional help, and I could only find this at a sex therapist office.

The good news were that the sex therapist the London escorts had recommended to me was a man, so I did not feel compelled to have sex at all. I got on with him really well, and we worked hard together. Like a couple of the London escort had said, my sexual needs stemmed from my childhood, and I needed to change my overall lifestyle to do something about them. The priority for me was to see my kids, and perhaps even find a partner again. Easier said than done when you are over sexed like I was.

In the end, I did manage to stop to date London escorts, and I now see my kids on a regular basis. I still have cravings and needs but I have sort of learned to control them. My life is getting better and I am even thinking about a serious relationship again. The truth is that just like someone who drinks too much, I am always going to be addicted to sex. It is just a matter of trying to control this primal function, and live my life to the best of my abilities. It is strange but counseling really works.